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My first In patient. Do Doctors work only where they work?

I wake up with a sweat at one am and I wonder  I wondered whether the patient I had admitted from the outpatient  with TIA ( layman term as mini stroke) is ok in his room. It was my first admission after I joined my neurology residency. I had come back to my room and read about TIA in detail. Patients can get a major stroke after TIA.  With this devastating information I had slumped on the bed exhausted with all medical jargon running in my dreams.  Now sitting up alert,  I wondered.  I wondered whether I had forgotten to write any medication  in the prescription chart.  I wondered if the nursing attendant has given all the injections in their due time.  I wondered whether I was too quick to leave him at the bedside and whether he had many more complaints to tell me.  I wondered whether the nurse had collected all the test reports.  I wondered if there were any abnormal test results and she had informed the doctor on duty.  I wondered if the duty doctors pager was working well  I wonde