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Meeting the hero: A shift in point of view

Meeting the hero: A shift in point of view It was a Monday and my usual routine unfolded. I had graciously swung between the OPD patients, emergency patients, ward rounds, reports, missed calls, administrative calls, friendly calls, family calls, discharge cards, staff motivation, prescription doubts, google challenges, patient counselling, re-counselling, re-re- counselling, snacking, and of course breathing. My choreographed routine occasionally changed steps.  With immense satisfaction I wrapped up the day’s work. My routine had not completed though. As one of my friends  had aptly remarked, I had my second innings at the evening clinic unfolding to the days story. I was ready to leave. Just then my secretary came and said Mam, we have our regular patient on the wheel chair.  His wife had forgotten to schedule an appointment; As usual Mam”. “She insists on seeing you”, he added. Though I had mentally concluded this OPD, I readjusted my mindset, assumed my professional posture and ca