My shoe strings

Tension was in the air. 

My white shiny shoes were a millimetre away from the 5 cm white start line on the running track. The rhythmic breathing of my fellow players further raised the tension. I was poised to listen to the gunshot which will have me heading for the 100 - meter race which I was sure to win. 

Just then my concentration was shattered by my PT teacher shouting “ Bindu, tie your shoe laces properly! They are loose; you might fall”. I looked at the compact shoe with my snug foot inside. I thought they were just fine, but maybe yes, Sir was right. I tightened it. The gun shot echoed and I sprinted. I surged forward and was initially in the lead. However half way through, my feet began to ache and I couldn’t maintain the pace and finished second. 

I was sad. Second was commendable but it fell short of being the best. The disappointment was not just for losing the race but because my foot was hurting so badly. 

This narrative goes beyond just a race. It reflects the larger picture of life. In the world of relationships, just like tending to the shoe laces, a delicate balance is required. Love needs space to grow, but emotional closeness needs to be maintained. There is no fixed rule like physics as to how much space should be given. It depends upon the type of relationship. It’s about understanding the subtle “ working space “ in each defined relationship which enhances personal growth and keeps the relationship alive. Years later, I find myself trekking with a diverse team at a holiday resort. As I am the oldest of the group, my concerned guide eyed my shoelaces and asked “ Are your shoelaces tied properly” I smiled, looked at my shoe strings and said “ They are perfect for me”. 

Life’s like shoe strings - tighten when needed, loosen when it is tight.


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